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BL Fabricators provides custom fabricated products for all types of warehouse and inventory management needs. We also custom fabricate all types of structural and miscellaneous steel products.

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Axle Rack
Engine Cart
Carpet Rack
Base Carts
Fender Rack
Tailgate Rack
Side Panel Rack
Fuel Tank Rack
Hood Frame Rack
Door Component Rack


Drive Shaft Rack
Hood Component Rack
Torque Convertor Rack
Injector Base Rack
Multi-Common Rack
Roof Component Rack
Right Rear Inside Rack
Pin Truck
Textile Cart
U Buggy
Yarn Buggy
Stretch Wrap Car
Tray Cart


Structural & Misc: Steel Fabrication,Soccer Goals,Hand Rails,
Vinyl Siding Storage Rack, Distribution Center Storage Rack.
335 Harbor Drive Scottsboro, AL 35769
Phone: 256-259-3683 Fax: 256-574-2190
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